For Wingman63, matching the right “voice of influence” with the right campaign is more art and relationships than science and algorithm. That’s the Wingman63 difference.

Each time we are asked to provide talent for a specific campaign Wingman63 taps into our personal, trusted relationships with athletes, actors, musicians, and content creators. This personal history fuels the most effective and authentic campaigns and the best experience for talent and clients alike.

Who do we work with? The robust list spans genres and demos.  Recent work showcases that variety, including Lady A, Meghan Trainor, Lee Brice, Rick Springfield, Jordan Davis, Chiquis Rivera, Raheem Mostert, Danny Trejo, Olympians Michael Andrew and Gabby Thomas, Darkiel, Jackie Cruz, Harrison Barnes, Juan Toscano Anderson, Jay Glazer, Grouplove, Becky G, Ava Max, Miquel, Tinashe, Grace Potter, Mikkel Jolett, Ashlee Marie Preston, Sofia Carson and Arrows to name a few.

Russell Wilson, Ciara
Kevin Atlas, Harrison Barnes
Raheem Mostert
Michael Andrew
Deanne Bray
Lee Brice
Rick Springfield
Juan Toscano-Anderson, Nocoast
Raheem Mostert
Lee Brice, Nocoast
Meghan Trainor & Team