Wingman63 Foundation
Wingman63 Foundation

Wingman63 Foundation is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization.  While its services can expand to many areas of need, the foundation is primarily committed to making a difference in these three areas closest to Ben Garland’s heart:

  • Youth-Specific Organizations
  • Veteran-Services Organizations
  • Mental Health Organizations

Founder Ben Garland’s NFL and military career has allowed him access to a broad spectrum of organizations across the United States, and the last decade Ben has displayed a consistent and relentless commitment to charity events and philanthropy.

Ben regularly attends and supports charity events – committing and showing up for close to 100 per year and more than 1,000 since joining the NFL!

Throughout this work, Ben realized a common inefficiency in the time and money spent on events versus the minimal return on investment in the charity space, and most influencers did not have time to seek out and verify trustworthy organizations that align with their individual ideals.

This inspired Ben to develop the Wingman63 Foundation which aims to provide the following solutions:

  • Capital-raising events
  • Curated connections matching organizations and athletes/musicians/influencers with events and specific causes
  • Connecting companies and foundations with causes they want to support
  • Innovative and proprietary impact verification and evaluation for organizations ensuring that donations are given with unique clarity and trust

The Wingman63 Foundation provides these solutions through experience and innovation. The Foundation makes it easy for influencers, donors, and companies to find and choose trustworthy organizations to commit time and support.